Tennis Court Cleaning Ipswich

Tennis Court Cleaning

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If you own a tennis court in your home in Ipswich, and you seek the best tennis cleaning in Ipswich, then reach out to the tennis court cleaners- A Clean House Washing.

Whatever scum, dirt and grime is embedded on to the tennis court, our specialised tennis court cleaning will take care of it all. The result is an immaculately clean and a tennis court that looks almost brand-new.

Any player while playing and training in the tennis court can do so with no worry about safety and cleanliness of the tennis court, thanks to the cleaning by our experienced cleaners. We have extensive experience in tennis court cleaning and whatever be the type of tennis court surface, we have some very safe and proven effective tennis court cleaning processes.

Get your Tennis court cleaned by Aclean House Washing

Tennis court cleaning is an A Clean House Washing area of expertise. Whatever type of tennis courts you may have in your Ipswich home, we know what type of cleaning needs to be undertaken.

So, it is good to engage the Tennis Court cleaners from A Clean House Washing in Ipswich to take care of it accordingly.

  • If you own a clay court, then regular maintenance and cleaning is required to keep it in mint condition. So, as part of this our cleaners will clean, sweep and remove any rubbish and then if needed, we will even run the rollers on it, so that the clay court is top condition and perfectly read for a game of tennis at anytime.
  • If you own a tennis court that has synthetic grass, then any mould or mildew build-up will be effectively removed. Our cleaners will make sure to clean, vacuum and wash the tennis courts so that it retains its texture.
  • If you own a hard court at your Ipswich place, then we rely on cleaning equipment, and we pressure clean the place. With this, dirt, scum and stains will be easily removed. Our cleaners take a lot of care to make sure that there is no damage to the surface of the hard courts.

Get in touch with A Clean House Washing, if you want a round of tennis court cleaning in Ipswich. If you have any queries or want a free no obligations quote, then just ask us. Reach us on 0419 778 863. Or email us on